Sonos Play1 Pair in Black
Sonos Play1 Pair in Black

Sonos understands how inconvenient dealing with audio cables can be. These guys are also aware that most speakers are not designed to go in places like bathrooms and kitchens. Their solution? The Sonos multi-room speakers. And because these speakers are designed to fit in snug spaces like bookshelves, they are very compact in size. But unlike any other compact speakers, they are also incredibly powerful for a rousing listening experience. These are also wireless speakers.

Great Sound

Ultimately, a speaker is only as good as the sound it produces. Things like wireless connectivity are just extras. Fortunately, as far as sound quality goes, users of these Sonos speakers have nothing to be ashamed of – the speakers produce a rich full-range surround sound to create an immersive listening experience in any room of the house. And despite their deceptively small physical profile, the speakers are very powerful; they deliver a punch that will easily put more formidably-sized competitors to shame. The sound they produce is also crisp and deep.

Great Design

There are a couple of reasons most people would never put regular speakers in any room of the house. Design is one of these factors; and so is size and the need for cables. But as far as design goes, these Sonos speakers have plenty to offer. They feature two design options – seamless black or white. This understated design concept makes the speakers work well with most rooms.

Multiple Streaming Options

Sonos does not hold back when it comes to providing a one-of-a-kind music streaming experience. You can use popular wireless streaming services such as Apple Music, Pandora, Prime Music Unlimited, and Spotify.

Different Songs for Different Speakers

With many speaker systems, even the wireless kind, you have to listen to one song at a time. And who says this is the way things should be? Not Sonos, at least. With their audio system, you can play different songs in various rooms around the house. That way, you can listen to one song while in the kitchen, and then hear a different song when you walk into the bathroom or the bedroom.

Humidity Resistant

Sonos speakers can stand up to the humidity found in places like bathrooms and kitchens or patios. With most speakers, you have to avoid such areas to prevent speaker damage due to moisture. But these speakers are specially design to work perfectly in such places. So, you will not be denied an opportunity to enjoy your favorite music in some rooms of your house.

Many Audio Adjustment Features

Despite their goal of providing you with a speaker system that will fill every room of your house with music, Sonos also put lots of effort into ensuring that you enjoy a listening experience equal to none. For instance, with the Trueplay Speaker Tuning feature, you can fine tune your speakers so that they sound better irrespective of their placement. They also have an Stereo Pair with Another Play feature that lets you make each speaker generate both left and right channel audio for a more rewarding listening experience.

Reliable Wireless Connectivity

Many wireless speakers use Bluetooth, a technology that is riddled with glaring pitfalls. These limitations would be especially pronounced in a multi-room speaker system of this sort. That is why Sonos thoughtfully found it preferable to use WiFi. For this reason, you can expect uninterrupted and high quality audio output from your speakers at all times and in all rooms in the house.

An Easy Setup Experience

Setting up your speaker system should take a few minutes. Once you have placed the speakers where you want them and have plugged them in, you can connect them to your home WiFi using the easy-to-use Sonos app. With this app, you can control the songs, where they are played in the house, create playlists, and even dictate their loudness. From there, you can enjoy your music as you like – in any part of the house. In fact, if your initial set of Sonos speakers does not satisfy your needs, you can easily add other speakers to the set up fill your house with more music.

To Sum Up

Sonos is breaking new ground with its multi-room speakers. In this product, you will find a rare and enticing blend of convenience, audio quality excellence, and state of the art technology. These speakers are compact and resilient, capable of producing powerful and high quality sounds, and based on robust wireless technology for an uncompromising audio experience in any room of your house.

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