What does the term “true value” mean?  Well, to us it means much more than a low price. A competitive price is a given these days. Every ad you see now screams “LOW PRICES”, “DEALS”, OR “SALE”. In general, everyone is selling at close to the same low prices, whether its mail order, a big chain, or our stores.

The good news is that customers do get great prices every day. However, we believe what sets us apart is our ability and desire to make sure you get the right gear, and get the help you need to get the most out of that gear.

That’s true value – someone to help choose just the right audio or home entertainment system, not just sell you whatever their company is pushing that day; someone to set up your home cinema, or recommend some speakers.

At Spitzer Music, we have chosen to use our website as an informational tool to inform people about our specialized services, event, and sales. We don’t bother listing a ton of “lowest prices” on our site; customers who have done business with us know they can expect us to be as competitive on prices as anyone, or to match almost any legitimate sale price on like items.

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